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Variety Link Name Hyperlink Symbol URL - Individual Hop Data Variety Aroma Wheel Placement Hop Descriptions
AHTANUM || AHTANUM Citrus, Floral, Tobacco/Earthy Floral, earthy, citrus and grapefruit tones
AMARILLO || AMARILLO Citrus, Floral, Tropical Fruit Floral, tropical, and citrus (lemon, orange and grapefruit) characteristics
BITTER GOLD || BITTER GOLD No specific aroma characteristics
Bravo || Bravo Fruity, Floral Pleasant fruity and floral aroma characteristics
Brewers Delight || Brewers Delight
Brewers Gold || Brewers Gold Fruity, Spicy Spicy, fruity characteristics, black currant
BULLION || BULLION Fruity Strong and zesty blackcurrant characteristics
CASCADE || CASCADE Fruity, Citrus, Floral Medium intense floral, citrus and grapefruit tones
Centennial || Centennial Citrus, Floral Medium intensity floral and citrus (lemon) tones
CHELAN || CHELAN Citrus, Floral Mild floral and citrus characteristics
CHINOOK || CHINOOK Citrus, Spicy, Pine Distinct, medium intensity spice and pine characteristics with subtle notes of grapefruit
CITRA || CITRA Fruity, Citrus, Tropical Fruit Strong citrus and tropical tones of grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee
Cluster || Cluster Floral, Spicy Strong floral and spicy characteristics
Columbus || Columbus Citrus, Spicy Pungent, black pepper, licorice characteristics with subtle citrus overtones
CRYSTAL || CRYSTAL Spicy Mild, spicy and floral
EQUINOX || EQUINOX Citrus, Herbal, Tropical Fruit A pronounced aroma profile with citrus, tropical fruit, floral and herbal characteristics. Specific descriptors include lemon, lime, papaya, apple, and green pepper.
Fuggle || Fuggle Fruity, Tobacco/Earthy Mild wood and fruit characteristics
Galena || Galena Citrus, Stone Fruit, Spicy Spicy, blackcurrant and citrus (grapefruit) tones
Glacier || Glacier Herbal Pleasant hop aroma
Golding || Golding Floral, Spicy Mild and delicate with sweet floral characteristics
GR Brewers Gold || GR Brewers Gold Fruity, Spicy Black currant, fruit and spice characteristics
GR HALLERTAU || GR HALLERTAU Mild, yet spicy, with floral and citrus tones
GR Herkules || GR Herkules Floral Spicy, floral and hop notes with hints of pine, black pepper and melon
GR Northern Brewer || GR Northern Brewer Floral, Herbal Medium intense herbal and floral tones
GR PERLE || GR PERLE Fruity, Floral, Spicy Delicate floral, fruit, spice and mint tones
GR Tettnang || GR Tettnang Floral, Tobacco/Earthy, Herbal Mild and pleasant with balanced earthy, herbal and floral aroma impressions
Hallertau || Hallertau Floral, Spicy, Herbal Mild and pleasant, yet spicy, with herbal and floral characteristics
HORIZON || HORIZON Floral, Spicy Pleasant and spicy, with floral characteristics
Liberty || Liberty Citrus, Spicy Mild and spicy with subtle lemon and citrus characteristics
Magnum || Magnum No distinct aroma characteristics
MILLENNIUM || MILLENNIUM Floral, Tobacco/Earthy, Herbal Mild and resinous with floral and herbal tones
MOSAIC || MOSAIC Citrus, Floral, Grassy A complex array of tropical fruit, citrus, berry, herbal, earthy and pine characteristics
MT. HOOD || MT. HOOD Spicy, Tobacco/Earthy, Herbal Mild, herbal and somewhat pungent or spicy
Mt. Rainier || Mt. Rainier Citrus, Floral, Spicy Floral and noble aromas, with citrus and licorice overtones
Newport || Newport Mild
Northern Brewer || Northern Brewer Tobacco/Earthy, Pine Medium intensity, pine and mint characteristics
Nugget || Nugget Spicy, Herbal Mild and pleasant with spicy, herbal tones
PALISADE || PALISADE Stone Fruit, Herbal, Grassy Apricot, grass and clean floral charcteristics
PERLE || PERLE Floral, Spicy, Herbal Slightly spicy with herbal and floral characteristics
Saaz || Saaz Spicy, Tobacco/Earthy Mild spice and earth tones
Santiam || Santiam Floral, Spicy, Herbal Slightly spicy with herbal and floral characteristics
SIMCOE || SIMCOE Citrus, Tobacco/Earthy, Pine Unique passionfruit, pine, earth and citrus characteristics
SORACHI ACE || SORACHI ACE Citrus, Herbal, Grassy Unique lemon and dill characteristics
ST AURORA || ST AURORA Floral, Pine Intense and pleasant displaying floral, pine and hoppy characteristics
ST Celeia || ST Celeia Floral Pleasant and hoppy, similar to traditional European varieties
STERLING || STERLING Citrus, Spicy Herbal and spicy, with a hint of floral, citrus (lemon/pineapple) characteristics
Summit || Summit Citrus, Spicy, Tobacco/Earthy Distinct spice, earthy, onion, garlic and citrus (pink grapefruit, orange and tangerine) tones
TAHOMA || TAHOMA Citrus, Cedar, Pine Predominate citrus and lemon notes with cedar, pine, floral, pepper and subtle green melon notes.
TETTNANG || TETTNANG Spicy Noble aroma that is pleasant and spicy
TRIPLEPEARL || TRIPLEPEARL Pleasant and balanced with notes of melon, orange citrus, resin, spice and pepper
UK ADMIRAL || UK ADMIRAL Citrus, Tobacco/Earthy, Herbal Pleasant, resinous hop aroma with hints of citrus (orange) and herbal flavors
UK EAST KENT GOLDING || UK EAST KENT GOLDING Floral, Spicy, Tobacco/Earthy Smooth and delicate with floral, lavender, spice, honey, earth, lemon and thyme overtones
UK WGV || UK WGV Floral, Tobacco/Earthy, Herbal Fresh earthy, botanical and floral flavors
Ultra || Ultra Floral, Spicy Mild and pleasant with spicy, floral tones
VANGUARD || VANGUARD Floral, Herbal Herbal and floral tones
WARRIOR || WARRIOR Citrus, Herbal, Pine Mild and resinous with subtle citrus, pine and herbal characteristics
Willamette || Willamette Floral, Spicy Mild and pleasant, with slightly spicy and floral tones
YAKIMA GOLD || YAKIMA GOLD Mild and pleasant
Variety Link Name Hyperlink Symbol URL - Individual Hop Data Variety Aroma Wheel Placement Hop Descriptions

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