Trumer Pilsner Clone Results




After 8 weeks lagering – Hay/floral smell. Taste slightly peppery crackery corn like taste.

Improvements – I think it needs to be a stronger bittering (60 minute edition). The taste doesn’t bite like I would want it to. Body is about right. Little too much sulphor in the aroma for me, Probably should have ramped up the tempertaure during fermentation higher for a few days at the end.

– Comparison to Trumer Pils –

Color and clarity are about dead on. Slighter bigger/fluffy head on the Trumer, but the Trumer is much more carbonated, probably around 3.0 volumes or so. Both have the same type of saltine cracker type base malt taste. Bittering is about the same in both, pherhaps a little bit more bitter with the Trumer, but that might just be the higher carbonation coming through. Mine definately has a stronger sulphor smell/taste that lingers a bit. But other than that they are very similar. Hop smell combination is also pretty close.

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