Scott Janish

Scott Janish

Homebrewer and Eater of Vegetables

I consider myself an analytical brewer. I’m very much influenced by other brewers experiences, academic studies, exBEERiments, commercial beers, books, articles, and statistics. I’m also very cynical by nature, so through this analytical and cynical lens, I’ve created this blog as a means to document my brewing experiences.

Hops is where I focus most of my attention, because of this I’ve create a few hop tools that I find useful and hope others will as well. These tools include a hop calculator, which calculates the hop oils in a beer and estimates the descriptors for the different hop blends entered. I’ve created a hop replacement calculator that uses an analytical approach to recommending hop replacements based on hop oil data, after all, the oils are where the hops are getting their unique aromas and flavors! A database of the hops used in these tools will hopefully continue to grow as more hop data becomes available.



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