Who should you follow on Twitter for great homebrew content? Below is a list of the top twitter accounts based off a formula weighted towards followers and tweets. If I don’t have you included in the list or if I’ve left of somebody off that should be on, please feel free to let me know in the comments. I  didn’t crack the top 50 on my list, but feel free to follow me! (plug).

How is TPI Calculated?

Twitter Power Index  formula is: (Followers/group average *.50)+(Tweets/group average *.25)+(Favorites/group average *.10)+(Photos & Videos/group average*.15)  I wanted to include more sophisticated real-time data in the formula (engagement rate, sentiment number, etc.), but I couldn’t find a free service that would give those numbers and was scrapable. The data is for all twitter history activity since each user joined, which I’d also like to move to past 30 days or 3 months, but I ran into the same problem. Love to hear any ideas to improve this if anyone has any.


Twitter Handle



1 brewingnetwork Beer Radio for craft brewers and craft beer lovers 5.255
2 CharliePapazian Beer, Travel, Adventure, Food, Eccentric 4.678
3 homebrewfinds Scouring the web for homebrewing deals and finds! 4.343
4 HomebrewAssoc The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) is committed to promoting the community of homebrewers & empowering homebrewers to make the best beers in the world. 3.883
5 BrewYourOwn 3.776
6 apthomebrewer Brewing small batches of craft beer in a 650 sqft apartment. Cheers, and happy brewing! 3.171
7 Beer2Infinity 2.780
8 beersmith 2.418
9 basicbrewing Host of Basic Brewing podcasts and home brewing DVDs. 1.984
10 BarlowBrewing Homebrewer, Craftbeer Geek, Music Lover, Lazy Blogger and founding member of the CAMRA homebrew club. Owner of many trucker hats. 1.899
11 homebrewtalk 1.815
12 StanHieronymus Always ready to write about what’s around the next bend in the road. Sometimes that’s beer. 1.806
13 Buffalowing 2013 AHA Homebrewer of the Year. Hop Whisperer. Lifelong A’s fan. BJCP National Happy and hungover. Brewmaster 1.661
14 lewybrewing Homebrewer & Meadmaker since 2003. Focused on Pale Ales, IPA’s Sour beers. As always, letting life pour into a nice pint of Homebrew 1.653
15 mrmalty Beer Geek 1.367
16 agoodbeerblog To have a beer or to not have a beer…that is the question 1.296
17 nathanhomebrew 1.257
18 MadFermentation The Mad Fermentationist, beer blogger. Author of American Sour Beers: Innovative Techniques for Mixed Fermentation. Flavor Developer for Modern Times Beer. 1.257
19 TastyMcD Mike ‘Tasty’ McDole is a homebrewer and a craft beer enthusiast. (I wrote this myself. Others would make me out to be much more.) 1.145
20 chopandbrew Webshow celebrating the goodness of homebrewing, barbecue, cooking and all things home-fermentation. 1.044
21 ECoffy Dad, Brewer, Philadelphian. 0.998
22 billybroas 0.988
23 EmbraceTheFunk Sour, Wild and Funky beer website Embrace The Funk. Currently the Wrangler of the Funk at Yazoo Brewing Company. 0.982
24 MajorJipp 0.977
25 mrbeer America’s #1 Selling Home Brewing System. 0.948
26 AHADirector Director of the American Homebrewers Association 0.922
27 brewtoad 0.880
28 drabmuh Certified beer server, BBQ entusiast, ambitious gardener, decent homebrewer, novice beer blogger. Proper glassware. 0.860
29 Beerandwhiskey Keep in Good Spirits, and Keep the Good Spirits in Ya! 0.856
30 AllGrainBeer Another homebrew site – only better! This is a project to build a better hub for the homebrew beer community. 0.855
31 GordonStrong 0.849
32 BrewDudes Homebrewer blog writers. Sharing homebrewing knowledge with other homebrewers. Oh yeah, we like beer festivals too. 0.828
33 larsga 0.795
34 GatorBeer Gator fan. Scrappy Hound homebrewer. Beer lover. FL transplant hanging out in SC. 0.781
35 patto1ro Amiable obsessive, with an unhealthy interest in decoction mashing, beer bottle stoppers, Scottish beer and all things Barclay Perkins. 0.771
36 melloknows 0.741
37 HomebrewAcademy We transform ordinary people into beer makers. 0.711
38 Brewers_Friend Beer brewing resources for the home brewer of any level. Most complete and accurate brewing tools available online. 0.703
39 bearflavored Beer, I guess? 0.690
40 theBottleFarm The adventures of a small farmer and brewer. 0.670
41 BeerSyndicate Learn. Brew. Drink. Share. 0.659
42 JeffreyECrane 0.627
43 ElectricBrewery … a step by step guide to building your own brewery 0.597
44 BasicBrewing_St Co-host of Basic Brewing video podcasts and home brewing DVDs. 0.566
45 hoppedupbrewer Lupulin Crazed Abandon! 0.539
46 HopFuMaster National IPA Champion, Game Developer, Husband, Dad, Founder – North Park Beer Co. 0.526
47 jaysbrewing Jays Brewing is a homebrew shop located in Northern Virginia. We share your same level of enjoyment for home brewing and winemaking. 0.507
48 BeerBorg Join the BeerBorg collective to share your home brew questions & answers with other brewers! Resistance is futile! We have beer!!!! 0.499
49 ScrewyBrewer Give a man a beer and he’ll waste an hour, teach him to brew beer and he’ll waste a lifetime’ 0.495
50 ColbyBrewery I brew beer. 0.490
51 MeekBrewingCo Beer enthusiast. (In?)Competent homebrewer. 0.487
52 ScottJanish a dude who brews beer and eats vegetables 0.487
53 Brulosopher I play with making beer and write about it. And I drink beer and play with my kids and camp sometimes. 0.485
54 BeerSensor Sensory Panel Admin. for Reg. Am. Craft Brewer
Edu: MS, BS Food Science and Technology
Published: J. Am. Soc. Brew. Chem.
Member: ASBC Sensory Committee
55 BIABrewer_info 0.473
56 BrewonaBudget Brew on a Budget helps aspiring and experienced home brewers make more beer for less bucks! Check the website for in-depth tutorials to save serious cash! 0.473
57 dwestthreefold Hold on, why the hell am I awake right now?!? 0.471
58 DennyConn1 0.470
59 Sturgeon_hunter Homebrewer 0.469
60 SciBrewer Post-doctoral Scientist at Columbia University studying HIV and homebrewing in the my spare time 0.462
61 tastybrew It takes more than a recipe to make a tasty brew. 0.459
62 KielichLawFirm Employment law: discrimination/harassment, wage & overtime claims, employee benefits. Personal injury: accident claims. Family law: divorce, qdro, child issues. 0.457
63 FiveBlades 0.454
64 mchrispen Homebrewing blogger, proud BrewMagic owner 0.454
65 absentmindedbrw The Hombrewed Adventures of John Maynard 0.451
66 HomeBrewManual Home brew enthusiast and student, sharing experiences at: 0.451

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