Oatmeal Stout Results



The head is light brown. Head doesn’t stick around long.  Finishes somewhat sweet not bitter or dry at all. Mild chocolate taste coming through. Expected the beer to be fuller bodied, slicker on the tongue than it is. I’d prefer to have more of the toasted oats and chocolate following through in the taste.

A year later – pours a strong layer of head that quickly went to a thin layer of a mocha head around the edges of the glass. It has a slight roasty/cold coffee note but that seems hidden behind a slightly bitter chocholate (bakers chocholate). Silky body, but could be more for an oatmeal stout. The aftertaste is a more roast than chocolate, thinking faint chalky roasty but not over the top. The overall taste is underwhelming, maybe it’s just the age (although I don’t recall being floored by this when it was fresh). Every once in awhile I get a weird old grandma attic clothes type of smell, weird I know..

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