No Boil Berliner #1 Data and Results




Recipe Specifics:

Type: All Grain Oxygen: 25 seconds Mash Efficiency: 85.00% Target Carbonation: N/A Dry Hop as % of Total Hop Build: 0.00%
IBUs: 5.4 Original Gravity: 1.035 Days in Fermenter: 27 Real Attenuation: #VALUE! Bitterness to Original Gravity: 0.15
SRM: 2.5 Final Gravity: ??? Cold Crash: N/A Apparent Attenuation: #VALUE! Bitterness to Final Gravity: #VALUE!
Boil Minutes: 0 ABV: ??? Mash pH: N/A Total Grams Hops Used: 2 Dry Hops in Keg: N/A
Starter: No Batch Size: 5 Final Beer pH:  Hop Stand as % of Boil: 0.00% Stir During Mash: Yes

Taste Results:

Score from 0 (lowest) to 5 (highest)

Beer Score: 0 Hop Aroma Detectability:  Head Retention:  Minerality:  Pleasing Mouthfeel: 
Excitement Level:  Pleasing Hop Aroma:  Alcohol Detectability:  Dryness:  Harsh Bitterness: 
Drinkability:  Hop Flavor Detectability:  Maltiness:  Sweetness:  Pleasing Bitterness: 
Clarity:  Pleasing Hop Flavor:  Tartness:  Mouthfeel Thickness:  Off Flavors: 
Beer Stability:  Head Size:  Sourness:  Mouthfeel Softness: 

Aroma Results:

Score from 0 (lowest) to 5 (highest)

Fruity:  Spicy/Peppery:  Tropical Fruit:  Orange:  Pear:  Grapefruit:  Bubblegum:  Coriander: 
Citrus:  Tobacco/Earthy:  Pine:  Cherry:  Cocoa:  Resin:  Vanilla:  Brett Funk: 
Stone Fruit:  Woody/Cedar:  Grassy:  Melon:  Banana:  Dank:  Tea:  Brett Fruitiness: 
Floral:  Herbal:  Berry:  Apple:  Pineapple:  Onion/Garlic:  Licorice: 

Water Profile:

Reverse Osmosis Water: Yes Baking Soda (gram/gallon): 0 Total Sulfate: 95.8 Total Hardness: 334
Gypsum (gram/gallon): 0.65 Calcium Chloride (gram/gallon): 1.3 Total Bicarbonate: 1 Total Alkalinity: 1
Epsom Salt (gram/gallon): 0 Total Calcium: 133.5 Total Cations: 6.7 Total RA: -95
Sea Salt (gram/gallon):  Total Magnesium: 0 Total Anions: 6.7 S04:Cl Ratio: 0.6

Mash Profile:

Mashed at 154 for 60 Minutes


Yeast 1: WLP677 Ounces of Yeast 1 Slurry: 3 Yeast 1 Generation: 2 Yeast 1 Slurry Days Old: 105
Yeast 2: WLP001 Ounces of Yeast 2 Slurry: 3.5 Yeast 2 Generation: 3 Yeast 2 Slurry Days Old: 105
Stage 1 Fermentation Temperature: 73 Stage 2 Fermentation Temperature: N/A Stage 3 Fermentation Temperature: N/A Ambient Temperature: Yes

Dry Hopping:

Dry Hop Temperature: N/A Dry Hop Dose Left in Keg: N/A
Dry Hop Dose #1 Days: N/A Dry Hop Dose #2 Days: N/A


Total Hop Oil/Acid Composition in Beer:

Beta Acids: N/A Linalool: N/A Humulene: N/A
Alpha Acids: N/A Caryophyllene: N/A Geraniol: N/A
Myrcene: N/A Farnesene: N/A Other: N/A

Total Hop Oil/Acid Composition in Boil:

Beta Acids: N/A Linalool: 0.41 Humulene: 32.28
Alpha Acids: N/A Caryophyllene: 10.33 Geraniol: 0.12
Myrcene: 4.07 Farnesene: 0.25 Other: 15.9

Total Hop Oil/Acid Composition at Flameout:

Beta Acids:  Linalool:  Humulene: 
Alpha Acids:  Caryophyllene:  Geraniol: 
Myrcene:  Farnesene:  Other: 

Total Hop Oil/Acid Composition in Dry Hop:

Beta Acids: N/A Linalool: N/A Humulene: N/A
Alpha Acids: N/A Caryophyllene: N/A Geraniol: N/A
Myrcene: N/A Farnesene: N/A Other: N/A

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