How I calculate the Overall Beer Score

The overall beer score is an attempt to put a number rating on each individual beer. Each beer is rated on the following categories with a score from zero to five:

Pleasing Mouthfeel +
Harsh Bitterness –
Pleasing Bitterness +
Minerality –
Hop Aroma Detectability +
Pleasing Hop Aroma +
Excitement Level +
Clarity +
Drinkability +
Beer Stability +
Head Size +
Head Retention +
Alcohol Detectability –
Pleasing Hop Flavor +
Pleasing Hop Aroma +

If I consider the category to be a positive in a beer, it’s added to the final score. Likewise, if I consider the category to be a negative in a beer, it’s subtracted from the final score. With fifteen total categories, three being negatives, a perfect score would be a 60. So to make the rating system based on a scale from 0-100 the final beer score is multiplied by 1.66666666667

Right now, this system is only used for hoppy beers, because other categories like wild beers vary so drastically it’s hard to put a scoring system together that’s fair to each beer. Hopefully I will eventually come up with something.

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