Hop Oils Calculator

You might also find the Hop Replacement Calculator helpful. 

About the Calculator


  1. Pick a hop from the list
  2. Enter grams of hop used
  3. Choose the hop addition timing (whirlpool/steep, pre-fermentation, dry hop)

The calculator will estimate:

  • Hop oil composition in the finished beer
  • Hop build composition percentages
  • Average total oil figures
  • Estimated flavor and aroma of the finished beer
  • Estimated spider chart of the finished beer

Special thanks goes to the Select Botanicals Group for supplying the expanded and tested oil figures! Removed from the previous versions of the calculator is boil hop additions because the majority of hop oils are removed during the boiling process and don’t contribute to the final beer.1 The Spider charts are from the The Hop Aroma Compendium, which I encourage hop lovers to purchase!2

If you don’t see a hop listed in the calculator (like Nelson Sauvin), it’s because I don’t have all of the data necessary to include the hop.

Remember that oil composition is a varietal average and that specific batches of hops may differ from that average value. Typically, pellets are blends of a few lots that are selected to balance out the variability to ensure consistency. 

Spider Chart :

  • Darker green represents a cold infusion (2 grams of pellets dissolved to 200 ml water 68 °F for 30 min and evaluated to simulate dry hopping).
  • Yellow represents raw hops.


  1. T. K. (2008, July 23). Hop-Derived Odorants Contributing to the Aroma Characteristics of Beer. Retrieved from http://repository.kulib.kyoto-u.ac.jp/dspace/bitstream/2433/66109/4/D_Kishimoto_Toru.pdf
  2. The Hop Aroma Compendium Vol. 1 – 3. (2013). Nürnberg, Mittelfr: CARL, HANS, FACHVERLAG.

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