Coffee brewed with Amarillo Hop pellets GIF


I’ve always been curious what coffee would taste like brewed with a few hop pellets, so I gave it a try. I added the hop pellets right in with the freshly ground coffee so it would be filtered. Did it work? Not really, but it was worth a shot.


Strange. It has a similar aroma to a first wort hop addition when brewing beer, it’s immediate and clashes with the coffee a bit. As you would expect, the hops seem to take the coffee bitterness level up a little. The overall smell is herbally, reminds of some flavored hot teas. It tastes kind of like hoppy unfermented wort with an acidic roast character from the coffee. Maybe there is a way to get this to work, but I certainly didn’t love the combination.


40 grams Ceremony Cerrado Gold Coffee
600 grams filtered water at 203 F
5 grams Amarillo hop pellets
Brewed in a Chemex

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