Ever wonder what ABV to shoot for when putting together a recipe for a specific beer style? Below is an analysis of the average ABV content of the top 500 beers by style according to BeerGraphs BAR Score (Beers Above Replacement) as of November, 2014. This should be a good starting point for choosing the alcohol content of your next homebrew, might as well learn from the best beers, they are on the list for a reason. I was shocked to see the average ABV for non-alcoholic beers was 0.00%, who knew? This type of analysis works best for the most popular styles because they represent a larger percentage of the total 500.

Complete List


American Pale Ale 5.61%
Imperial / Double IPA 9.73%
Russian Imperial Stout 11.97%
Belgian Quad 11.58%
American Imperial / Double Stout 12.34%
American IPA 6.74%
American Barleywine 13.32%
American Pale Wheat Ale 6.67%
Imperial / Double Red Ale 8.25%
American Stout 11.30%
Scottish Ale 10.20%
Lambic 5.28%
American Strong Ale 13.33%
Imperial Oatmeal Stout 14.00%
American Porter 6.52%
Fruit Beer 5.53%
Pale Lager 6.14%
Pumpkin/Yam Beer 10.07%
Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy 6.48%
Irish Dry Stout 4.75%
Radler 3.35%
Cider 5.00%
Belgian Dubbel 8.00%
Old Ale 14.77%
Root Beer 10.00%
Stout 10.74%
American Wild Ale 7.08%
Blonde Lager 6.45%
Oatmeal Stout 9.32%
Saison / Farmhouse Ale 5.17%
Porter 4.68%
Winter Ale 9.83%
Melomel 0.00%
Sour Ale 5.28%
Belgian Tripel 8.98%
Oktoberfest/Märzen 5.00%
Extra Special/Strong Bitter 12.00%
Herbed/Spiced Beer 7.50%
Cream Ale 5.10%
Other 12.00%
Australian Pale Ale 2.20%
Milk / Sweet Stout 7.18%
German Pilsner 4.90%
Malt Liquor 5.00%
English Strong Ale 12.00%
Harvest Ale 6.75%
Gueuze 5.75%
Non-Alcoholic 0.00%
Imperial / Double Porter 11.80%
Belgian Blonde / Golden 4.25%
Pumpkin / Yam Beer 8.60%
Flanders Red Ale 7.00%
Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale 8.30%
English Barleywine 12.75%
American Amber / Red Ale 5.80%
Helles Lager 4.97%
Gose 4.30%
Kölsch 4.50%
Pilsner 5.10%
Berliner Weisse 3.57%
Weizenbock 0.00%
Golden Ale 11.70%
American Brown Ale 5.30%
Mead 14.00%
Wheat Wine 14.00%
Hefeweizen 5.40%
Witbier 7.50%
Baltic Porter 9.67%
Eisbock 15.50%
Belgian Strong Dark Ale 10.40%
Blonde Ale 7.00%
American Blonde Ale 5.15%
American Adjunct Lager 4.20%

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